Meet our Lead Pastors
Allen & Angela Chapin

Married for just over 26 years and in full-time ministry the same, Allen and Angela try to keep it simple when it comes to serving as our Lead Pastors... Love God and love people.

This energetic, fun-loving couple has two miracle sons, Alex (13) and Austin (11)... and a sweet little Schnauzer mix appropriately named Sugar, and a Yorker-Span-Pome-Peki-Poo mix named Happy.

Prior to their coming to serve as our Lead Pastors, they served as youth pastors, lead pastors, enrollment counselors, state youth director for the Louisiana A/G and evangelists.

Angela is an amazing stay-at-home wife and mom who homeschools the boys and crafts occasionally.  Allen is the author of two books... I Got A "D" In Leadership: Anyone Can Lead and The Upside: A Daily Devotional with more books coming soon.

To connect with them personally, hit them up on Instagram or Facebook.

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Meet Our Team

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Allen Chapin
  • Lead Pastor
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Luke Gore
  • Student Pastor